New Construction

Looking for your NextHome to be a New Construction Home?

In the current Real Estate Market, in recovery mode, there are many Developers building new construction homes.

We, at NextHome Location, have access to every new home plan in each new community.

Click below to access these details (but come back to this page for important information below):


If you have decided that a New Construction home is for you, Let us represent your interests. We can help you get the best deal (remember the sales agent in the Model home center works for the seller, they represent the builder). We will represent you and make sure to highlight many of the tricks of the trade; for example with the number of new developments under construction the builders want our business, and so in some cases we are back to seeing ‘bonuses’ offered to the Realtor! We want to make sure you get to see all of the homes currently available (we advise to look at resale homes also) and when you have narrowed down your choice, we will let you know if there is a bonus and in many cases we have been able to contribute to the buyers closing costs.

Make sure you take a look at ‘all’ the homes that are available currently and don’t be ‘sold’ on just a few!

Once you have viewed the homes via the link above, email us at with the model and communities that you like and we can register your interest with the builder and set up an appointment to view them.