Orlando Representation

Are you thinking of Buying a Home in Orlando, but don’t know where to start?

Are you coming from overseas or out of state? It is difficult enough shopping for a home when already in Orlando, but trying to do this from afar it becomes even more difficult.

Don’t try to do this on your own, and don’t speak directly to the sales agent in a new construction development (as they represent the interests of the builder).

We, at NextHome Location, have access to every new home plan in each new community, but also every home that is up for sale as a resale. Basically, we can show you everything there is for sale – which opens your eyes to all the options available to you.

You need someone who is experienced in helping you to navigate the complexities of buying a home here in Orlando. You need to be made aware of areas that could turn your dream into a nightmare. If you are looking for a vacation home, do you know there are certain communities zoned specifically for this. In fact, until very recently, Orange county (the county in which Orlando is located), would not allow short term rental zoning! You need to know the tax laws when purchasing the home, as well as the implications on selling the home. We have advisers on our team who can help with this.

Let us represent you, and help you in to the ideal property for you. There is no cost to you. In Florida the buyer’s agent fees are paid for out of the fees charged to the seller.

We can provide you with a Guide to Buying your Orlando home, simply click here. If you want to answer a brief questionnaire that will help you in your initial steps to buying a home, Click here.

If you are interested in finding out the potential investment returns, we do have a Real Estate agent Lindsy Holland, who along with her husband, Craig, run a property management company. You can find them here www.VillasatKissimmee.com