Changes in Home Buying and Selling as States Reopen

As States start to reopen, what changes can you expect to see in the real estate market? James Dwiggins, C.E.O., and Keith Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer of NextHome Inc will cover the options that we will be providing as a company, how to protect you, as clients, and ourselves from health and legal risks, as well as the marketing and advertising we need to implement to be a COVID-19-compliant real estate agent.

They discuss all of this and so much more:

  • Buyer and seller concerns and providing options
  • Virtual listing presentations
  • How to safely show a home
  • Hold Harmless Waiver and COVID-19 Disclosure,and Why we need them…



Please Contact Us to discuss how we can help you with your Real Estate needs, as Florida begins to re-open they will not go back to the way things were done before – let us guide you!

Home Values in the Midst of Recession

NextHome’s CEO James Dwiggins and Chief Strategy Officer Keith Robinson break down one of the biggest concerns on Americans’ minds right now – what’s going to happen to home values?

The real answer is “it’s too soon to tell” with real specificity.
Who Knows

But there are some real learnings we can get from taking a closer look at past recessions and how home values were impacted then. The two of them will also share their (many) thoughts on how the pandemic-led economic situation we’re in will compare and contrast, and dive into why this isn’t like 2008.


The biggest thing to take from this is that we are having a ‘Health Crisis’, Not a ‘Housing Crisis’!

A number of factors to take into consideration – the current mortgage rates remain some of the lowest rates in history!

2020 April Mortgage Rates

Overall, the US new home construction starts & applications have declined in March from the previous month by the highest number since 1984.

2020 April Housing starts

This, along with an overall fall in new listings coming on the market, leads to the inventory levels remaining low.

2020 April Inventory

Although we are seeing a temporary fall in demand, with this low supply of homes, and low mortgage rates, the potential for home values to remain unaffected, or even to see an increase, is high!

Want to find out what is happening to home values in your neighborhood, contact us!

COVID-19 and How It’s Impacting Home Buyers and Sellers

I know these are some pretty interesting & somewhat scary times and information is coming to us all pretty fast and furious. The CEO, James Dwiggins, and Chief Strategy Officer, Keith Robinson, for our company will be doing a weekly webinar to help keep all of our clients up-to-date on what’s going on, what it means for real estate, and a great general overview.

You can catch the latest update here:

And a general disclosure from James, and Keith, they are not attorney’s or CPA’s – just two very smart dudes that know a lot about real estate, the economy as it relates to real estate, and are very good at analyzing situations!

The important thing to remember while watching this is how local all of this is. There are some parts of the country in a “lockdown” and other parts where it’s modified business as usual. As you are probably aware, Orange county issued it’s ‘Stay at Home’ ordinance that took effect the evening of Thursday March 26th, with a confirmed 1467 cases of the virus on Tuesday 23rd. Although the Stay at Home orders are currently governed by individual Counties, I don’t think it will be long before we see a statewide ‘lockdown’.

My primary concern is for everyone’s safety and health, and believe that this is the best thing to do in order to lead to some control of this virus. How long this will take is the question, but I feel that the longer everyone is allowed to be out meeting others, the longer it will take to get control of it!

I have always been available to you (maybe now more by virtual means), and will always be your complete real estate resource; if you want to discuss how this applies to you, or if you simply want to chat. Feel free to call me. Please take care, and stay safe!

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