What Crazy World Did We Just Wake Up In?

How many of you keep waking up to the thought that you just had a real bad nightmare, and then had to shake your head because of the realization that the nightmare was real? Here we are about 6 weeks in from when we all started to hear about the talk of coronavirus; some ignored it, others didn’t take it too seriously, but then as the weeks have gone on we have all had to pay attention to it!

It seems that there is nowhere on earth that hasn’t been affected by this, but some a lot worse than others – I hope and pray that as you are reading this you are not in one of those areas. However, unfortunately I know some of you are – I have a family member in Northern Italy; most of my family are in England, some in Holland; but then some friends in New York, the worst affected area in the US.

My thought has to be that you are all listening to the experts and staying in safely & without physical contact with others! But who’d have thought, only a few months ago, that we would have been saying this!? With those simple instructions, and most of us following them, our whole world has been turned upside down! Businesses have closed (hoping to be temporary, but some permanently), many have lost their jobs, & for the rest who cannot ‘work from home’, it has become about surviving!

Unfortunately, a question that cannot be answered just yet, is how long is this going to last – it seems we may not have reached or even come close to the peak of the curve yet here in the US, and so we are going to have to prepare for this to go on for some time. Moving forward, because our normal work routine as Realtors and as a Brokerage has slowed up, we will be making a few other changes & be attempting to bring you as much useful information as we can, and not all real estate related. With the help of NextHome corporate office, and our new predominantly online world, look out for more posts from us…

On a positive note, I’ll leave you with this – having spoken to a number of friends in other parts of the world, it does look like there are a few countries that are finally showing signs of coming down off the peak of their curve! They are having success in controlling this, and if it can be done there, then it can be done everywhere else!